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Hubflix has become one of the most visited torrent websites for downloading movies illegally. Though it provides free access to the latest movies, using Hubflix is considered piracy which is illegal.

What is Hubflix?

Hubflix is a torrent website that was created in 2020. It allows people to download Hollywood, Bollywood, and movies in other languages for free without permission. This is called piracy, which is against the law.

The website is designed nicely, so it is easy for users to find and download movies. It has a very large collection of new and old movies. These movies are uploaded on Hubflix without the permission of the filmmakers and producers who own the copyrights.

How Does Hubflix Get So Many Movies?

Hubflix gets movies from sources who illegally record the movies in theatres. Sometimes, DVDs or digital copies of movies get leaked before official release. Hubflix uploads these movies in different qualities and file sizes for users to download on their devices.

Many people download from Hubflix instead of watching it legally on streaming sites or in theatres because it is free. Hubflix earns money from the ads on its website.

Hubflix website
Hubflix website

Features That Make Hubflix Popular

Simple Design: The Hubflix website has a clean look. Movies can be searched easily or browsed through categories and languages. This makes it user-friendly.

Huge Collection: From old black-and-white films to the latest releases, Hubflix has a large number of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Regional movies. It keeps adding more movies illegally.

Multiple Formats: Movies can be downloaded to match one’s internet speed and device storage capacity. Options like 300MB or 700MB downloads are provided.

Subtitles: Hubflix has movies with subtitles in English and other languages. This allows more people to understand and enjoy the movies.

Is Using Hubflix Legal?

No, Hubflix is an illegal website. It breaks copyright laws by:

  • Distributing movies without permission of production houses and studios
  • Not paying makers for the content it provides for free downloads
  • Allowing downloading of movies that are still running in theatres

Anyone browsing or downloading movies from Hubflix is doing an illegal act. If caught, one can face jail for 3 years and fines up to Rs. 5 lakhs in India.

What Are Some Legal Alternatives?

Instead of using piracy sites, one can access movies legally through streaming apps and websites like:

Netflix: Netflix is a very popular app with thousands of movies in English and other languages. One has to pay a monthly fee to subscribe.

Disney+Hotstar: This app has the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. It also streams live sports events. Subscription plans start from ₹299 per month.

ZEE5 and Voot: Apps like ZEE5 and Voot have the latest Indian movies and TV shows. Some content is free, but premium plans are also available.

These apps follow copyright rules. The subscription fees help compensate movie producers and technicians for their work.

Will Hubflix Stop Working?

The original Hubflix website keeps getting banned by the government when found. But it starts again with a new domain extension. For example, changes to or

Anti-piracy teams are constantly trying to stop illegal sites like Hubflix. But so far, Hubflix has managed to find new URLs and continues to allow piracy.

Until users stop visiting such torrent websites, piracy will likely continue, causing the loss of crores to the movie industry.


Hubflix is an illegal website providing copyrighted movies without permission resulting in piracy. Though it seems convenient for users to get free entertainment, it severely impacts the interests of thousands working in the movie industry. It’s best to access movies legally through paid streaming services instead of supporting piracy.